Thursday, 23 September 2010

Here I Am!

Hello, yes yes I am still here/somewhere.

My apologies for not fuelling you with a delicious, meat-free post for a couple of weeks but, wait, don't hit the little red 'x' yet...I have a semi-decent excuse…I started University; I’ve decided to take this writing lark seriously. It will benefit you all in the long run when I am spewing posts of a higher calibre, I promise.

Latest points of interest in the world of 'The V.V' have been geared to the thrill of the chase in both food and sex. I’m pondering the question: you can have your cake, but do you actually want to eat it? Alongside this we will be delving into the idea of meat being increasingly thought of as a vice, in the same league as smoking and drinking...

A full post will follow shortly and I'm wanting comments on this as I am eager to learn the thoughts of others on these topics. It is outside the realms of my usual posts so this will be fun! I will provide a recipe, as usual, that I hope you will not only chase but devour completely and still want more!

A little taste...and on that bombshell....

Be back very soon xxx